Sublimators for oxalic acid with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa. Professional oxalic acid sublimers.

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Professional oxalic acid vaporizer OXALIKA PRO Easy

The Professional oxalic acid vaporizer OXALIKA PRO EASY is equipped with 2 process plugs.
Equipped with temperature control, available in 12 Volt, 110 Volt and 220 Volt.  It is CE and RoHS certified.

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High power 300-360 Watts (this prevents the device from cooling due to repeated treatments, forcing the operator to wait for the device to reassume the optimal temperature)

Available in: 12 Volt, 110 Volt and 220 Volt.
Anticorodal aluminum boiler (guarantees a more uniform temperature distribution without the formation of “hot spots” and “cold points”. In this way a lower vaporizer time is obtained (10 seconds for 1 gram of oxalic acid, 25 seconds per 2 grams of oxalic acid).
Insulated boiler (makes the device insensitive to low ambient temperatures and the presence of wind and contributes to battery saving)
Interchangeable diffuser tube for treatment from the cable cover or from the opening of flight also with hives with the little door, plastic and polystyrene hives (with appropriate adapter).
The diffuser tube is straight making obstruction more difficult and, in any case, its possible unclogging easier.
Very robust and reliable construction.
By purchasing the semi-automatic dispenser separately, the OXALIKA PRO EASY model can be transformed into the OXALIKA PRO FAST model.
OXALIKA Pro Easy is approved for Api-Bioxal

In some European countries (Italy, Spain, Hungary, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Norway, Romania) Api-Bioxal is the only oxalic acid authorized for sublimated use.
Check to see if oxalic acid veterinary drugs have been approved in your country for sublimation against Varroa Destructor.